Our Story

No Hearts No Love is more than a clothing brand, it's a feeling. Our brand name No Hearts No Love is a tribute to one of our biggest inspirations, Big Sean. At the time of starting our clothing brand in 2018, we were listening to Big Sean on repeat. While listening to his latest album at the time we heard the song, No Hearts No Love, something about that name caught our attention.

When we repeated the name the first thing that came to our minds was The Law of Detachment. Which basically states that in order to acquire anything in this universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. By doing this you step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities. This is the way my brother, Alex and I (Javier), live our lives on a daily basis. We are living consciously in the present, bettering our futures, while detaching ourselves to the outcome. We are are always following our intuition, fulfilling our passions and trusting the universe that we are on the the right path.

When people think of No Hearts No Love we want people to know and believe in themselves enough to follow their passion. Whatever it may be. That no matter what as long as you're doing what you love and detach yourself from the outcome, when you are whole heartedly doing something, you will accomplish your goals and dreams. You will be who you want to be, who you know you are deep inside.


-Javier & Alejandro

No Hearts No Love